Our project aims to work with a variety of European organisations to improve the education of children in informal, formal and non-formal learning through the development of curricula, lesson plans, film and other resources which will enable school & kindergarten teachers, leaders, parents and other educators to engage in a holistic, sustainable education with the children they are working with.

Our vision for the future is that “Humans are living in harmony with each other and nature, and all children can access an education based upon the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.”

To reach this vision, our mission is:

“Creating and giving the tools to empower children, parents, educators and other people who work with children to integrate permaculture into education and their lives through:

- Creating a European Children Permaculture Network

- Organising local, national, and international events

- Compiling, creating and disseminating resources for teaching permaculture to children

- Providing and facilitating training and skill sharing to teach permaculture to children

- Engaging children in opportunities to learn from nature


Picture above - Working with the nature of the child - to get muddy! (Scotland) (Photo: Lusi Alderslowe)

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