We are a group of people who have seen for years that there is a great need to include children in permaculture and bring the basics of permaculture to people's lives from an early age. We wish to find and offer old and new ways to engage children in permaculture ethics and principles.


Picture above: Area designated in the International Permaculture Convergence for children, parents and educators in Bulgaria 2014. (Photo: Gaye Amus)

We want to work with the nature of the child, which means using a child-centred pedagogy. Our project aims to work with a variety of European organizations to improve the education of children in informal, formal and non-formal learning through the development of curricula, lesson plans, film and other resources which will enable school & kindergarten teachers, leaders, parents and other educators to engage in a holistic, sustainable education with the children  (age 3-6 and 7-12)  they are working with.

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